From Simple to Sophisticated...
From Simple to Sophisticated...

Our Philosophy and Values

It starts with quality food...

We season & roast our own meats - Turkey, Tri-Tip, Roast Beef, Chickens
We use the freshest, finest ingredients
Our specialty breads are baked daily
We make our own soups
We make our own spreads and dressings

We bake our own delicious deserts
We use no preservatives, trans fats or  corn syrup
We serve only wholesome, fresh and flavorful food


But it doesn't end there....
Friendly, caring  service
We're delighted when we see you
We  probably know your name if we see you regularly
If you're unhappy - we'll fix it.
We care about your experience
We haven't reduced our portions to save money
We want to make you smile
We want to see your smile again and again.

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